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Food is an ongoing issue for us. For me, and also for Emily. We both have eating disordered behaviours. I just ate two biscuits and I feel really bad now, like I’ve done something terribly wrong. I feel like I didnt deserve to eat them and now I should get rid of them out of my system. I’m really struggling not to purge. My head is telling me to do it. But I know I shouldnt so I’m trying hard not to listen to my head. Has your head ever said do something and your in a war against it? Thats how I feel. The other part is the weighing scales. I’m obsessed with weighing myself. I keep stepping up on it, hoping it will magically have gone down since the last time I checked. My weight usually flucuates throughout the day though. Logically I know thats normal. But my head goes into overdrive when it starts to happen. I wish weight and food and eating werent issues. I wish I didnt have to contend with them on a daily basis. Its just so difficult to get a handle on the issues around food and weight.
Carol anne