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We saw our psychiatrist dr B today. It was a good appointment. I found out we have an underactive thyroid. She had looked over our blood work from the last time that we were in patient, and thats how she found out. So we’re having bloods done again next week just to check it as we’ve been pretty tired lately, and thats probably the reason why. I initially thought it was insomnia, but now that I know about the thyroid problem I’m thinking thats probably the reason. We talked about our safety from the people who’ve been contacting us. She pointed out to me how hard some of our system members have been trying lately to ensure that nothing bad happens to us. And that is true. We talked about our lack of control sometimes in regards to switching, and how we wouldnt be able to guarantee that the people contacting us wouldnt hurt us because they’ve been known to trigger certain insiders out. Dr B said she’d bring it up in the meeting with our therapist and the forensic psychiatrist when it happens, which will hopefully be in a week or two. We discussed my recent chat with the occupational therapist, and I told her that I was considering two options for courses, information processing which is mostly to do with computers, and employer based training, which is where you go into a company in the area of your choice, and 3 days a week you work for that company and the other two days your in class learning. Its a good set up I think. And I’d like to experience working also. Overall it was a good appointment, it was shorter than usual, I was only in with her about 30 minutes. I go back next week again for an afternoon appointment.
Carol anne