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Ok. A few of you had some questions for us. So I thought I’d answer them in this post.

One of our readers wanted to know if I, as the acting host age. The answer is no. Not any more. I could, if I wanted to though. But I dont. I’m happy to stay at 19. I wasnt always 19 though. When I originally came I was little, I grew with our body until we were 14. Then I stayed 14 for a really long time. A couple of years ago, after I was out here for a few years, I decided to age to 16. And then I stayed 16 for a few years. I then went to 18, with the eventual intention of going to 19. I managed to age to 19 last year. And as I said I will stay 19 from here on out.

The next question, can insiders age down? The answer is yes. But only if something prompts it. Like, for example, if they experienced a trauma, or a set back, something like that. Something that would prompt them to regress. Of course I’m only speaking for our system here, other system will work in different ways to ours. But for us, the answer is yes, insiders can age down.

Do we grow with the body? Not always. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. For example taylor has always been six, and will probably always be six. Same with Lexi. She’s always been six. And I doubt she’ll ever be any other age. But we did have one little, Darina, who was initially four years old for the longest time. Then she aged to six about 18 months ago. She’s probably going to stay six now forever.

If you have any further questions for us keep asking away, I can do follow up posts to answer them.
Carol anne