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So as you all know I went to visit our friend this weekend. I hadnt seen him in years. We had a falling out some years back, but recently we’ve made up again. I decided to forgive him for what he did, because he said he was sorry and in my eyes, an apology means a lot especially if its heart felt which his was. And everyone deserves a second chance to put things right dont they? I think so.

So I went to his house on friday. I got the 12 20 PM train, which took almost 3 hours to get to Dublin. That was the boring part, the train ride, and then the almost hour long taxi ride to his house. He has a guide dog like we do, his dogs name is sweeny. Sweeny and Nitro had a blast. I’ve never seen two dogs go so unbelievably crazy. Running in and out of doors, up and down stairs, around in circles biting and chewing each others legs, it was crazy! But they had fun and thats all that matters.

On Friday evening our friend made a big pot of chilli which was dellicious. Afterwords we just sat outside for ages with the dogs, because it was a beautiful warm evening and the sun had shone all day. The house was really hot and we wanted to stay cool so we went outside to the back, where no sun was shining. All the sun is at the front of the house. We just chatted, and caught up on all the news and stuff.

Saturday we didnt do much, more chatting, more fun with the woofs, and for dinner some gorgeous raps, and we also had a pizza between us. On saturday night, we watched battle ship audio described, thats the movie with rihanna in it. I know most of you wont really get this, but both of us are blind, and having that movie audio described made a huge difference to us in what we got out of it. If you’ve seen the movie, you will know its full of action scenes, it would not have been of any benefit for either of us to watch it if it wasnt audio described. Our friend also told me that all dvds that have come out since 2007 now have audio description built into them. That was news to me.

I got the 1 o’clock train home today. Again it was not a great journey, but at least the train had air conditioning on it. I met another guide dog owner on the way home, not my friend, a third person, who I never met before. That person and I sat opposite each other, and our dogs were so well behaved all the way home. You wouldnt even know they were there! I’m exhausted now and to be honest I’m a little bit unnerved but I’ll write about that in a separate post.
Carol anne