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hi everyone
its allie. if you didnt know i am 9 years old.

today i feel sad. i feel forgotten. i know that sounds silly. but i feel like everyone will just forget me and that i will never be special to anyone. i am not sure why i feel like this.

i had some bad memories today. they were memories of sexual abuse. i dont like memories. they make my heart hurt and i wish i never got them.

i do have friends. my best friends are jillian and dottie and a few more from another system. that system are our best buddies. they wont forget me. but its hard to remember that when the sad feeling hits you and your stomach does summer saults.

i have therapy in a little bit. i wonder if i will get any time tonight. if i do i might ask our therapist if she thinks i am worth something to her. or if i am just a nuisance.