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Today was a good day. Despite my mood being so low last night, I woke up feeling a lot better this morning. The weather was beautiful outside also, and I think that really helped matters. Our lil sis came over with the kids, and us, our mom, lil sis and the kids, and Nitro too, all went to a local park. Our niece wanted to get the bus, instead of having her mom our little sis drive, so that is what we did. She was sooo funny on the bus, you’d think she’d never been on a bus before. When we got to the park, we let the kids feed the ducks. The ducks came right up out of the water, and were taking the bread out of our hands. I was a little worried in case Nitro would jump in the water after them but he didnt, he only wanted to look at them. After feeding the ducks we sat down and had a picnic. Our lil sis had made sandwiches and she had crisps and chocolate and fruit and drinks too. We all ate and it was really nice. Then after our picnic we walked around the park. There is a walk way built, and a lap of it is a mile so we went around it once. Then the kids played for a while in the park on the swings and slides. They had a lot of fun. Poor nitro was roasting because the sun was shining and he drank a load of water, and then he went in under a bench to try and stay cool. I’d say we spent the best part of 3 hours in that park, then we got the bus home. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Then this evening our aunt drove mom and I to visit our grandad. Our grandads doing really well. He’ll be 80 in 3 weeks, and we’re all planning on going out to dinner for his birthday. A little mishap happened tonight. We smelled gas, and we thought there was a gas leak, so we phoned the emergency number and someone came out to check out his house. Luckily there wasnt any leak, everything was ok. But our grandad became very stressed. That isnt good for him health wise, because a few years ago he had his stomach removed due to cancer, and when he gets stressed he gets diarrhea. So because of the stress he ended up having an accident and having to change all his clothes. It was nice to visit with him though and I am glad everythings ok in his house. Our other aunt, who we rarely see was visiting him also. She talks really loud, and I think she stressed him out also. He wouldnt say that though. So that was our day with our family.
Carol anne