So as I recently said on this blog, I’ve started a kinda healthy lifestyle kick. I’m trying to eat better, and trying to exercise more. The trouble is, I have an ED. Emily has ED issues. There are a couple more insiders who have eating and food issues. So trying this new healthier lifestyle isnt always easy. Sometimes it exaserbates our eating and food issues. Sometimes I wonder if its a good idea at all to do it. But I honestly need to lose some weight, and I want to do it right and not do crash diets etc. I have been trying not to binge-purge, and I havent used diet pills, laxative now in a long time either. But I think no matter what, if you have an ED its always there in the background. I firmly believe that. I’d love to weigh the 150 pounds I weighed about 7 8 years ago. That was a healthy weight. As a teen I struggled with anorexia, then later my diagnosis got changed to bulimia. The trouble now is I eat the wrong types of food, then when we binge, I binge on fatty foods. So my weight shoots up, also then I am on meds too which doesnt help matters. I will keep trying though to eat healthily for now. I will not give up.
Carol anne