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We’re just home from seeing dr B, our psychiatrist. It went really well. We mostly talked about the fact that J, our previous therapist had requested to friend us on facebook. Dr B asked us about how we felt as a result of that, and we discussed our feelings surrounding that. She said that it definitely was not good work ethic or practice for J to have did that. We talked about their being rules and regulations which professionals working with vulnerable people are supposed to follow. She said she hoped that the fall out from this would not be too big for us to cope with, and she encouraged us not to accept the friend request, which we’re not doing anyway. We also talked about the meeting that is soon to go ahead, with dr B, dr L and our therapist. Dr L the forensic guy is currently on leave, but he’s due back next week so she’s going to try and reschedule the meeting for next month. I said how slow I thought Dr L was, of course it does not help that he only works two days a week. I also got bloods done. I got an A 1 C, full blood count, kidney and liver function and thyroid function done. I’ll have the results next week. I was blown away, because I just got there and she called me in, I didnt even have any length of a wait like I usually would. She said she thought it was the good weather, that lots of people werent showing up to their appointments due to the good weather.
Carol anne