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Today I am having a lazy sorta day. I went to bed late last night, so this morning I slept in late. I only got up to let Nitro out and feed him, then I went back to bed again until noon. When I did finally get up, I lazed around and watched a lot of tv, big bang theory, love that show so much. It soooo funny. Then mom called to say she was coming over with Nitros dog food. She came around 3 PM, and I asked her if she was gonna stay for a while, but her and our lil sis and sis’s kids were going for a drive so she couldnt stay. But guess what? She brought me dinner! I totally wasnt expecting that. I was expecting that I’d cook a pizza or something, but then, instead, she gave me roast dinner with all the trimmings. It was yummilicious! Now I’m just doing email and downloading stuff and basically just hanging out. I love lazy days like this where I am happy but just doing nothing except what I want to do.
carol anne