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So you remember how my mood had dipped yesterday? And you remember how my mom and dad and lil sister were going to pick me up and we all were going to go for a drive? Well we did that and it turned out to be a great day. And my mood perked up again so yay.

We all went to Cobh, a tourist spot in east Cork. There was a festival going on there. Not sure why but it didnt matter, it was just nice to be there and enjoy it. When we got there we went to the local park, where there was live music playing. There were also lots of food stalls and other types of stalls. We sat and ate hotdogs and icecream.

After we’d eaten, we enjoyed the live music for a while until we decided to walk up town, and go for a drink in one of the local bars. Our sister stayed in the park with her kids, as there was stuff for the kiddies to do so she said she’d join us later on.

We first went to a little tiny bar, and we sat outside in the sun drinking our drinks. But then, in typical irish weather style, it started bucketing with rain. So we went inside, but that bar was way too small. So when the rain stopped, we walked up the town a little further to another bigger bar. By then our lil sister and the kids had joined us.

We all sat outside again drinking our drinks. We were there about an hour before we decided to head home. I have to say I really enjoyed the day and I even got myself a wine cooler in one of the bars. I wasnt gonna do that but I decided what the hell I will. Its rare that I drink and I deserved a drink I thought.
Carol anne