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I feel so flat. Mood has taken a dive again. I hate the low lows. Depression fucking sucks. Nobody can understand except those who have been there. I’ve quite a few things to worry about, including moms health, and some financial stuff. Nitros pet insurance policy is up, and I cant afford to renew it for at least two months. That means if he gets really sick, or if anything happens and he isnt insured, I’ll have huge vet bills. I simply cant afford for anything to happen him. We’re supposed to have our dogs insured. If the guide dogs knew he wasnt insured I’d be in trouble. I also owe money on the phone bill. I’m worried I wont have enough left over to buy groceries, or pay other bills if I pay it in one go. But I have no choice really, as another bill is due out on August 12th. It seems to be all bills lately, and no money to pay them. Its worrying. I hope moms going to be ok. The littles are all worried, and I wish I could reassure them but I am worried too. What if her lung disease is severe? What if the meds dont work? What if something were to happen to her? What would I do? I think if anything happened to her I wouldnt cope. I’m already wobbly. If I lost my mom I’d collapse I think. Sure we have our ups and downs but I love her to pieces. No matter what I go through, she’s always there for me. I cant say the same for my dad, or my sister. I guess it does not help that its in my nature to worry. I am a worrier. Please keep my mom in your thoughts blog friends.
Carol anne