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Well…I’m still having a lot of anxiety. I barely slept. I tried, believe me I tried. But to no avail.

Thank goodness I have therapy tonight. I really need to talk to Eileen. She will have some good advice I am sure of it.

Mom went to the hospital this morning for her stress test and her lung function test. She’s still there now. She told me she’d call once she’s done. I cant help but worry about her. I am wondering if they’ll give her the results today or if she’ll have to wait. I guess its lucky she got in so soon. Part of me is wondering if the reason she was able to get tested so soon is because what she has is serious. I’m hoping not. I really dont want her to get sick.

I went to the basement club today for a couple of hours. It was nice to see everyone again, as it was a few weeks since I’d been in there. It was as if I was never away though because they made me feel so welcome when I went in. I am going in tomorrow for the members meeting, because I opted to facilitate it. Its not difficult, and I am good at facilitation and so I opted to do it because nobody else wanted to.

Not doing much for the afternoon, just relaxing and eating dinner and prepping for therapy.
Carol anne