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I was meant to see Dr B today, who is our psychiatrist. But I did not go. I couldnt. I had a crappy night. I woke up feeling awful this morning so I decided to stay in bed. I phoned the secretary to let her know I wasnt feeling good, and she said she’d let Dr B know. She rang me back about 30 minutes later saying Dr B wants to see me at 1 O’clock on MOnday. I also will get my shot then. I’m on Xeplion so I get it once a month. A few days late wont matter, it will mean the psychosis will be there, but I couldnt help not going. Bad nights suck. I tossed and turned all night long. I just couldnt sleep no matter what I did. Thoughts were whizzing around my brain and not very nice thoughts at that. I was also meant to go to the basement club today and chair the members meeting, but again, I rang in saying I didnt feel good and apologising for letting them down at the last minute. C who is one of the staff down there said it was ok and thanked me for phoning. So then what have I been doing? I texted a little with our therapist. And I slept. That is mostly what I’ve been doing. My home help will be coming at 4 to help me make dinner and clean up around the house a little bit. I feel better now that I got a little sleep. More able to face the rest of today.
Carol anne