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We saw dr B today. We had to wait for about an hour which wasnt too bad all things considering. Usually its a much longer wait to see her.

We got our results of the blood work we had done 10 days ago. Everything was fine except our cholesterol. That was 6.4 and it is meant to be between 3.5 and 5. So some changes in diet and stuff are going to need to happen. Dr B said we could do a repeat cholesterol again fasting so that we can actually get the right result, as this was a random test not fasting.

Taylor came out and she was asking Dr B about her upcoming holidays. We knew she’d be taking them but some of the kids were worrying about it and fretting. Dr b was able to reassure Taylor that she’s only going for a week and she has every intention of coming back to work on the 1st of September. She is taking the week of the 25th August off. We get to see her one more time before then.

She spoke about Fridays upcoming case conference with Dr L the forensic psychiatrist who had assessed us back in may and June. She has asked our therapist E to go, but if E cant make it, she said she’s going to go ahead with the meeting since Dr L is very hard to pin down. Then she said after the meeting she’ll meet E herself and she’ll also have a conversation with her before the meeting on Friday. I am hopeful E can make the meeting but if she cant I’ll understand that too. Dr B said she phoned E last Friday evening and now she is just waiting to hear back from her.

We also discussed our ongoing therapy work. I was telling her about the visualisation exercise that E did with us last week. She asked me if visualisation was hard for me since I dont have any vision. I said yes sometimes but I tried it and it seemed to work. She said we seem to be doing great work in therapy despite all of the challenges that we face daily and she’d be sure to feed that back to Dr L on Friday. We talked a little about attachment also. I said that I always feel like I am doing something wrong when I feel an attachment to her, or E or anybody in the role of professional. She reassured me that it is not wrong to attach to people, but that it is up to the professionals working with us to ensure we have appropriate attachments to them, that we’re not overly attached, that we can manage our level of attachment in a safe secure way and that they keep good ethical boundaries.

So as I said it will be next Monday that we’ll see her again. By then the case conference will have taken place. I’ll be anxious to see what that will bring up and what Dr L’s report will say. I’ll keep you all posted.
Carol anne