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I just finished a wonderful book. Its a true life story written by Cathy glass, a UK based foster carer. She’s written 19 books in total. This was her second book but you dont have to read the books in order of sequence to get the most out of them. I’ve read two others of her books and they are all equally as good as each other.

Daddys little princess is about Beth, a 7 year old who Cathy fosters when her father is sent into hospital for mental health related problems. During the first month living with Cathy, it comes to light that Beths father is abusing her, some inappropriate behaviours are discovered and Beth dresses very sexually in pretty dresses and she also wears a lot of make up. Cathy along with Beths fathers partner, and her teacher report their suspitions and an investigation takes place.

It turns out that Beths father is perpetrating emotional incest which is a form of abuse. There contact ceases for a while as both of them go into therapy to resolve the problems. Cathy, along with beths fathers partner also are involved in the therapy process. Eventually a decision about beths future is made, I wont spoil the ending for you potential readers, but it is an absolutely fabulous book. Cathys world is also turned upside down in the book by some personal life struggles in her marriage. I highly recommend this book and I give it 10 out of 10 for excellence.

Carol anne