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Its after 3 AM and I’m still up. Granted I was reading for almost 3 hours. I managed to finish my book, which was wonderful and I have just written a book review about it.

Now that I am finished reading, my thoughts have turned to tomorrow. Tomorrow I go for a sorta interview of sorts. Remember I said that I want to either go back to education or else employment? Well tomorrow I get to meet the manager of the centre that the two courses I’ve chosen as my options going forward, and we’ll talk about the courses and see which one is more suited for my needs. One course is information processing and leads some computer related qualifications, the other is employment based training, where a company takes you on and trains you up to do a job in the area of your choosing. They both last two years in length.

I’m quite nervous about this meeting. I’m not sure what to ask, or what I need to say to impress this guy. I’m also anxious in case he doesnt like me, or i misrepresent myself, etc. He already knows I have mental health issues, and he knows of my blindness, he did already tell our occupational therapist that any technology I needed would be provided, and that it would not stand in my way as a barrier.

I think there is a second interview after this one, when I decide which course I want to take up. At least tomorrow is a little more informal, a trial run so to speak. I’m going to dress real smartly and try to do my best. If only sleep would come, it would be nice. I highly doubt I’m going to get much sleep tonight though.

Carol anne