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Our psychiatrist dr Barry, and our therapist Eileen, and the forensic psychiatrist who is the doctor on the locked ward we were on, and who assessed us earlier this year are having a case conference today about our needs going forward, about crisis management, and risk management. Its happening at 3 PM. So in less than 40 minutes from now. I wont find out until Monday what was said and what the outcome of the meeting is. I have to say I’m very nervous and anxious about this meeting. It determines what will happen with our care from here on out. I do know that they are trying to join up our care between Eileen and Dr Barry, and I am not sure if dr L the forensic guy will be staying in the picture after today or not. Part of me wishes I was going, but part of me is glad I am not going also. I know Dr Barry will fill me in on Monday, she is good at letting me know things and what was said and will be happening etc.
Carol anne