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So yesterday we had the second interview for a place on the course we are applying for. I, Carol anne went and did the interview. I was nervous, but I neednt have been. The course instructors were really nice. They were very friendly and approachable and they answered all of my questions about the course.

I was early for the interview and they commented on my prompt arrival wich was nice. We sat down and we discussed lots of stuff relating to my disability, mental illness, my needs while on the course, what technology I would need, etc etc. They said I may not be able to start on the actual starting date because they need to prepare for me coming in to the course, for example they need to get my computer with jaws ready, they need to talk to the head office about getting my exams in accessible format, etc.

I said I’d rather start with everyone else, and if I didnt I’d be really anxious and stressed out, but if I dont there really isnt anything I can do. They said they’d be hoping that I can start alongside everyone else, and they’ll do all they can to ensure that I do.

The course runs five days a week from 9 AM until 3 30 PM. There are 8 modules and each one lasts for six weeks, with an exam at the end of each one. I didnt tell them but I am hoping for the highest grade, a distinction, in each of my exams. I really want to get the best qualification I can get out of this. They said I’d have my qualification by next summer and then for the second year I’d be going out into the work force to do a work placement. The modules are in areas like word processing, spreadsheets, powerpoint, email and internet, text production, etc. I’m really excited to start.

I had to register with the local employment service which I did yesterday in order to get offered my place on the course. Today I am going to my GP to get my medical filled up. Then, next week I have to go in and sit an assessment in maths and english. That is to see how proficient you are in these subjects.

So its all go. The course is due to start on september 8th. I’m hopeful of starting on that date. Keep fingers crossed that I do!
Carol anne