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I am feeling very nervous. My anxiety is through the roof.

Tomorrow I see Dr Barry, our psychiatrist. She’ll have the outcome of the meeting herself and our therapist attended last Friday with dr L the forensic psychiatrist who assessed us some months back. I’m so nervous to find out what he wrote in his report. I wonder what he said.

I am feeling very exhausted tonight so I think I should go to bed. But I doubt I’ll sleep much with the thoughts of what he said weighing on my mind heavily. I do know our thereapist and psychiatrist were advocating on our behalf so that is good news.

I know when we were in the secure unit a lot of things happened which were totally out of character for us. So his report might be colored by those things. Plus he went a lot from past notes which I didnt like. I’d have prefered if he asked us things directly instead of reading from a bunch of old notes.

Please keep us in your thoughts for tomorrow.

Carol anne