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We’re just home from seeing our psychiatrist Dr Barry. It was a good appointment.

Mostly the apt centered on the meeting that took place last Friday between our psychiatrist, our therapist and the psychiatrist who assessed us a few months ago. Lots of stuff was discussed, mostly stuff to do with our safety and how to manage that.

Dr Barry said lots of practical stuff came up, stuff like ways in which to keep us safe. Dr L the forensic psychiatrist had his report with him and in it he said that as a system he felt that we did have the capacity to manage our own safety. However he wanted us to get CCTV installed in our home, and get a personal alarm. We already have a house alarm but we dont always remember to set it when the dissociation is really bad.

Having a personal alarm which is attached to a company that would respond if we were in danger is a good idea I think. I am not sure about the CCTV but Dr Barry said she thought it was a good idea also as it would and could deter people from banging on our doors, or hanging out outside our house.

They also discussed getting someone to stay with us over night, or if not overnight then to come for a few hours in the evening time to check on us and see that we’re ok. Again that has to be planned, they arent sure how it would be funded, and Dr Barry said she was going to speak with K her social worker and try to form a plan around how to best go about doing that.

I talked to our parents about what was discussed and they seemed ok with it. But our dad was saying how he thinks I shouldnt allow someone to stay over as he thinks my privacy will be compramised. I think if the right person is employed and I’m comfortable with them then it would be a good thing. Plus there is then someone to be accountable to and that could also keep us safe as if there was any issues of overdosing or anything there would be someone there to see and help if needs be.

Dr Barry also discussed our pathway to admission should we need to be admitted to hospital. It was decided at the meeting that we’d be admitted through the emergency department and a decision would be made there and then as to whether we needed to be admitted rather than us going to the secure unit to be admitted. It was felt that this wouldnt benefit us in the long term and I am glad that we dont have to go through the secure unit as I do not like it there..

Dr Barry is away next week for a week so we are seeing her junior doctor. I’m nervous to see her as we had a bit of a rocky start last year because she assessed us one time when we were being admitted to hospital. She wasnt on dr Barrys team then though. Dr barry said she’d speak to her before we saw her and she reassured me it would be ok. She said it would be good for us to see her junior doctor because she felt it would be good for us to get to know her a little bit. It will be weird not to see dr Barry as I am used to seeing her but we’ll make the best of it.

Carol anne