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So recently I wrote that I will be starting a new course soon. The course is computer related, and leads to a computer related qualification in a years time. The name of the course is information processing. So I recently had the interview and I think I’ve been accepted. I didnt get the acceptance letter yet though. But I’ve spoken to the manager since the interview. He sounded positive that I’d be accepted on the course. He said he had started making arrangements about installing the technology that I need, purchasing a new computer for me to use etc etc. So all that sounds really positive to me. I may not be able to start at the same time as everybody else, because its gonna take time to organise things for me in order that I can start. When I went to the interview with the instructors on the course we talked about it and they said that if I missed a couple of weeks at the start that I’d be able to catch up later. I am not to kean on starting after everyone else, but the manager reassured me when I spoke to him that they do intakes a couple of times a year and that he wouldnt let me start alone because he didnt think that would be a good thing. Today I got a call to say that the manager wants to meet with me next Wednesday at 10 30 in the morning. I’m not sure what he wants to meet me for because it wasnt actually him who called me. I hope things are still ok and that there are no issues. I’m kinda worried in case there are issues presenting now. It cant be because of my medical because he told me he got that and it was all ok. Maybe though he just wants to go over some things with me and ask me some more questions. I also have to sit a maths and english assessment some time before I start the course. I really really hope there are no issues because I am really looking forward to having something to do to keep my mind occupied again.
Carol anne