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On wendesday of this week I have a meeting to attend. Its with the manager of the course I applied for. He didnt say what he wanted. I’m nervous in case its bad news. In case he has decided not to let me on the course. In case all my efforts to make a good impression were in vein. In case he says I’m too complex or something or that I cant take up a place, that they are unable to meet my needs. Now I could be blowing everything way out of proportion. He could just want to meet me about the technology I’ll need, and meet around arranging that and getting it set up. I dont know. And its the not knowing that has my stomach in knots. Every time I think about Wednesday I start to sweat and shake uncontrollably. I’m afraid I’ll be the same way when I do actually get there. I hope I wont. I hope I can talk myself down or something.
Carol anne