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I chickened out of going to see the junior psychiatrist today. As my readers will know our regular dr is on vacation for a week. I was all set to go last night, but when this morning came, I couldnt face going. I couldnt face someone who barely knows me, even if she’s always been really friendly when we’ve seen her around at the clinic. It just didnt feel safe going, so I rang and canceled. Because I canceled, I now have to wait two extra weeks before I will see Dr B again. Thats hard as by then it will be 3 weeks since we will have seen her. But I have no choice. I couldnt tell her secretary what to do regarding my treatment. She was only doing her job and giving me the next available slot which is on September 8th.

I guess we’ll have to manage until then. Somehow even if its extra hard we’ll have to manage.
Carol anne