Discussing Dissociation

The little baby is right!  It's not the child's fault!! The little baby is right! It’s not the child’s fault!!


Every survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) that I know has a lot of enormously difficult days when they struggle desperately with feeling bad, feeling lousy, feeling at fault, feeling pain.  Those struggles can last for years.  Healing does come, but on those difficult days, remember what is true.

When the hard days come, it might be hard to remember….

  • It was not ok that anyone touched your body in ways that hurt you.
  • When you were young, it was never your fault that your body was sexually assaulted. You were not responsible. You are not to blame.

Upset Little Girl

  • There is nothing that any child can do, ever, that would make that child deserve sexual abuse, including you.
  • ANY adult that touches a child in sexual ways is completely inappropriate and wrong to do so.
  • Instead of hating…

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