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Today I had a meeting with the manager of the centre where the course I applied to is run out of. I had the meeting at 10 30 AM and I was early because I didnt know what it was going to be about, so I was nervous, hence why I got there early.

When I went in to the meeting, the manager told me that the psychologist who works at the centre was going to sit in, because she had some questions for me around training and supports I might need while I was there. Firstly, the manager told me that I could be waiting for a few months to start, basically thats because of technical issues, issues around purchasing a computer and jaws which is my screen reader. He said they had a jaws license, but he thinks its lost, so it looks like he’s going to have to purchase a new copy of jaws, along with a new laptop. Of course he went on about how expensive that was going to be.

They asked me why it is that I’ve never worked. I wasnt sure what to say to that. I mean I’ve a lot of experience from college, with placements, and volunteer work, and work experience, but I’ve never actually held down full time employment. I guess that doesnt look very good for me at 34 years old. The psychologist was really nice, and she said that we could have a chat in private, and I could fill her in a little more around my mental health difficulties and stuff. When I did talk to her in private and told her more about my history and background, she said she could understand completely why it was I’d never worked and how it was that I could easily become overwhelmed in certain situations.

I ended up telling her about the did and ptsd diagnosis, which she was great about and she completely understood. Of course I’d expect her to, being that she is a psychologist. She asked me what would I need in order that I could complete the course successfully and I said just that I’d need encouragement, support, and patience, and of course accomodations around exams and stuff. She said if I was to dissociate what should the instructors do? And I said that they could gently bring it to my attention that I didnt seem like myself. I gave her Eileens number and my occupational therapists number and she said she would phone them today and have a quick chat to them around supporting me on the course.

So now I’m in limbo again. I now have to wait to be contacted again either by the manager or else the instructors of the course. The next thing I have to do is complete a maths and english assessment. But now it looks like I may not be starting until the new year. I actually dont mind, it will give me plenty of time to prepare and be sure I am ready to start and able to fulfil the course. I think the meeting went ok and I liked the psychologist and she said she was just trying to help me as best as she can, not trying to put obstacles in my way to starting the course which is a good thing.
Carol anne