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I am in bad shape. I feel so low. So alone. So depressed. All this came out of nowhere. Or probably somewhere but for now I cant think clearly enough to try to figure out what it is thats driving this deep sense of sadness and aloneness and lonliness and I am beginning to feel more than a little crazy trying to sort of work it out. When my head is less fuzzy and I am a little stronger I’m sure I will be able to work it all out. For now though, I desperately need a hug. Anyone who can spare any hugs for me and us right now they will be very much appreciated.
I hate the night time. I hate the dark. I hate myself. I hate my body.
OMG I cant do this. I’ve a crawly feeling all over my skin and a horrible sense of unease and an overwhelming sense of “everyone is out to get me”. And fuck but I hate it.
Carol anne