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Ok. My body is so weird! Heres why…

A year and a half ago I had surgery. I had tumours on my ovaries so I had both of them removed, along of course with the tumours. At the time the doc who did the surgery said I’d probably never get a period again. He told me he left a little tinsy winsy bit of ovary tissue from one ovary, and, that in time, it could produce hormones but not to get my hopes up. For a few months after surgery I did get a period. Like 3 months or so. Then one day they stopped…that was about 15 months ago now.

But this morning when I woke up, they were back. I couldnt believe it. I’d resigned myself to the fact that they’d never again reappear. And now here they are today…along with the usual crappy cramps, and bla feeling that usually accompanies the time of the month. When I told my sister, she said well, at least you know your body is working. I know, but its oh so strange to have them back again! I mean this could be a one off, they might just disappear again.

Very weird indeed!
Carol anne