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Well here I am, and its the middle of the night. I guess I will just ramble. I’ve nothing better to do.

I’m trying to decide what book I’ll read next. I have just finished “will you love me?” by Cathy glass. An absolutely amazing and brilliant read, I highly recommend it. Look back one or two posts to see my book review. So I have a few books on the cards to read. I’m leaning towards reading twilight children by Torey hayden. For those who dont know, Torey Hayden is a special needs teacher, who works with kids with emotional difficulties. I’ve read most all of her books except this one, and, they had it on audible so I bought it.

Tomorrow we have therapy. I think it will be another difficult session. A couple of memories have come up over the past 3 or four days. Trauma memories. I hate when that happens but I guess its part of the healing process. I am thinking of asking Eileen to try EMDR with us. I’m not sure she will yet as I think she’ll say we arent ready. I was dead against EMDR for many years. But I suppose I could try it. After all I have nothing to lose, and I fully trust Eileen to keep us safe.

Other than therapy not much is happening tomorrow. I was going to go to shine, and the basement club for the members meeting. I’m in two minds whether to go or not. Part of me wants to but part of me doesnt. Not sure what thats about. I shouldnt isolate I know. But its just easier sometimes, you know?

The weather here has been crap. It rained all day today. Our beautiful summer weather is gone. Boo hoo. I really would have liked it the sun shone a little longer. Sunshine always puts me in a good mood.

Carol anne