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Discussing Dissociation

Photo titled Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse found at www.examiner.com Photo titled Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse found at http://www.examiner.com

My previous post was written about childhood sexual abuse. Children are young, small, and without resources. Grasping the innocence of those children is easily seen and understood.

What about those situations where an adult is battling sexual abuse? What if the adult dissociative survivor has younger parts still trapped in the roles of ongoing sexual abuse? What if an adult gets raped or sexually assaulted?

What truths apply in these situations?


  • Even as an adult, it is not your fault when any other person chooses to force or demand unwanted sexual interactions with you. This includes physical attacks, drugging, physical restraints, emotional blackmail, group attacks, weaponry, mind control, etc. There are numerous ways adults can be overpowered by other adults. It is absolutely wrong for anyone to use their force and power to harm you.
  • As an adult, youhave…

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