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Today was an all over the place kinda day. I woke up this morning feeling like crap. My throat hurt. My head hurt. I think I have the flu. So I ended up staying in bed for a long time, just laying there and trying to sleep but mostly just thinking about things. Dangerous for me as I end up with racing thoughts in no time. Eventually I got up, and ate some dinner. Our dad had made a lovely chicken curry. I have to say, our dad is an awesome cook. Our mom is lucky because usually he cooks on most days. And on the days when she does the cooking, he always prepares the meal so all she has to do is put it in the oven. After dinner I just hung out, not doing much of anything. I just watched some tv. Later on this evening our aunt moms sister phoned to ask mom and I if we wanted to go to her house for drinks. So we did. It was a good night. We just chatted and caught up on all the family news. Now its almost 2 AM and I’m just home. Tomorrow mom and us and our lil sister and her kids are going to a local garden centre for lunch, and because there is a fun day for kids. It should be a nice day and a nice start to the weekend.
Carol anne