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So at our last psychiatrist apt, Dr Barry had to answer her phone. Her child minder rang. Apparently her little boy who is four, had asked for lunch and then when he got the food he wouldnt eat it, and spat into it. Not sure why her childminder couldnt handle that little problem, but she decided to ring Dr Barry, and we just happened to be with her when the call came in. Can I just say Dr Barry is the most kind, caring, considerate, concerned mom I’ve ever witnessed? She told her child minder to put her little boy on the phone to her. And she spoke to him at his level. And she wasnt rushing because we were in the room either. She asked him about how he was feeling, and was there anything wrong to make him do what he did. Then she proceeded to tell her child minder that she’d try to get home at a reasonable time that evening to talk to her kid, and see what the problem could be. She thought it might be that he was starting school the following week so was having some emotional upset regarding that.

So why am I saying all this? Well you see…this conversation between Dr Barry and her kid really effected our littles. They wonder why they dont have a mom who treats them in that kind, caring, concerned way. They wonder why they have to be treated like a grown up, when they are just kids? And before anyone points it out, we all do know we’re in a grown up body. But still…our mom does know about our did, she just chooses to ignore it most of the time. Now I am left to wonder should I even bring this up with Dr barry? Is it fair to her? I mean she was only doing what any normal mom would do. And she couldnt help it that we were in the room listening to her call. She did go outside the door for part of it but we could still here what was being said. So what to do, what to do now? I think I will bring it up to her. At least then if it were to happen again, she would be mindful and sensitive to how it effects us. I am just really nervous to bring it up. Plus it also brought home the fact that yes our psychiatrist does have a life outside of work. And yes she has a family and yes she does other things besides working as a doctor. I kind of forget that sometimes.
Carol anne