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Well I am having problems with my mom. I just rang her to let her know that when she packed my bag for going to the hospital she only put four pairs of underwear in. I asked her what I should do once they’re gone? And her answer? Thats not my problem. You chose to go in. You are choosing that life. Your almost 35 years old. Text your P.A and ask her if she’ll go to your house and get your underwear.
All fine and good. But she is my mom, my family. It isnt really up to our P.A to go get our things. I did text her, and she did oblige, she said she’d call over later this afternoon and get the key to our house and go get my underwear. But its so embarrassing. My mom is being a real bitch. Well if she wants to be like that then thats fine. Once I am out I will collect my dog and go about my own business, I dont have to contact her. It isnt what I want but really this is low what she is doing when I am not mentally in a good place. I know she doesnt really understand my illness but she could at least make some sort of effort. She keeps saying I am choosing this life. But that isnt true. If I was choosing this life then I could choose when I want to be ill couldnt I?
Sigh, I feel so alone. Thank goodness I have a good P.A.
Carol anne