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My mood is low. I feel lonely and alone. I also feel very depressed. I cant eat. Food doesnt seem appealing to me. Every time I think of eating I just want to vomit. I am drinking though which I guess is good.
I also took a shower this morning despite not wanting to which I suppose is also good. I guess I should try to take care of myself in here. Well I really dont get a choice because if you dont shower the nurses get on your case about it.
I cant believe what its come to with my family. I always knew they hated the fact I have mental health difficulties, but I never realised that when I was at a real low point that my mom would be how she is with me. She always prided herself on the fact that she’d do anything for her kids. I guess I dont count any more.
I feel sad, and broken, and my heart just hurts.
Carol anne