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So yesterday was a difficult day. We decided to report our abusers to the police. That was a really difficult decision for us, as we’ve not had positive experiences with the police in the past. Before I go into what happened, I should say that in the morning we spoke with K, Dr Barrys social worker. And, she had managed to obtain funding so that we could get CCTV installed in our home. Now she just has to get some quotes, and prices and then the companies have to come out to the house to see how they will set it all up. I was so happy that the funders are gonna pay for CCTV. Its a relief to us. Its extra security in our home, and that cant be a bad thing.
Then in the afternoon the police came to the hospital. A female officer came, at our request. She spoke to us for about 30 minutes, and we explained to her about the ongoing harrassment and the recent assault on us a few months back. She said she’s not sure what they can do, since I only have a first name of one of the men, I dont have names for the others. She said they could canvas my neighbourhood, and ask the neighbours who they’ve seen going in and out of our home. She wanted to speak to Dr Barry, because she didnt fully understand our diagnosis, but Dr Barry was meeting a family at the time so she couldnt speak to her just then, but she said she’d call her.
I got very emotional during the interview with the police. I just started bawling in the middle of it. She was very nice though and she told me to take my time and relax. Then after the interview I became very suicidal. I think it was the idea of having reported it to someone in authority. I became so suicidal that the nursing staff took all my stuff from me and wouldnt give them back to me for a few hours. So then I just lay down like a lump and was thinking and thinking, dangerous for me as the thoughts became worse.
In the evening I got ok again and I talked to my so Jess. I also talked to my mom and another friend. Then last night I had a cup of tea before bed time and I took my night meds and I got a fairly decent nights sleep.
Carol anne