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So yesterday a patient came in and was placed in our ward. She was very difficult. She started saying that someone had taken 100 euro belonging to her. Then she started swaring and shouting. The nurses tried to give her medication but she refused it. She was horrible to the nurses. It made me quite scared. Then after a couple of hours she became quite unruly so they brought her to another room and they locked the door on her. However this is not a secure ward, so they could not keep her in there. So last night she was moved back to our ward again. She would not get up to use the bathroom, instead she wet herself, and then she didnt want to go to have a shower. When the nurse tried to explain to her that she’d have to shower to get clean, she said that the nurse was being nasty to her. Eventually the nurse managed to get her into the shower. She did sleep through the night which was good. The night nurse C had told her that she wasnt to be shouting, that people were trying to sleep. This morning she got moved up to the acute side of the unit. She’s obviously too sick for the sub acute side, which is the side I am on and she was on yesterday. I’m glad she got moved. She was really freaking me out. I thought she’d become violent at one stage and I am glad she didnt.
Carol anne