Dr Barry allowed us to go home today. I told her the hospital environment was making us feel worse. I begged her to allow us to go home to Nitro. I missed him and he missed us. I always feel so guilty when I have to leave him for any length of time. So she allowed us to go home, with an appointment to come back to see her on Monday in the outpatient clinic at 12 30. Thats ok with me. I can deal with that. We discussed a lot today, mostly a lot left over from Tuesdays appointment. I did bring it up to her about the last outpatient apt I had with her, where she had a family crisis with one of her kids, and how much that effected us. We talked for a long time about attachment, being loved, cared about and having our needs met. She said she was glad that I felt able to be honest and open with her and bring up my concerns because it is only in the saying of it that we can do something with it afterwords. So now I am home. Its been kinda a slow day. I was planning on staying with our parents over this weekend but then tonight I decided I wouldnt. So my sister dropped us home and I got the littles take away food for a treat and we watched tv and chatted to friends on the phone. I’m certainly glad I’m home. Eileen texted me earlier because I had texted her telling her I was at home. She told me that she was happy I was ok and told me to have a good weekend. It was so nice of her to think of us. I texted her back with a thank you message with lots of smily faces in it.
Carol anne