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im very happy today. we’ve had a good weekend so far. yesterday we went to a festival with our family. our mom and sister and our sisters kids and our aunt all went. it was a food and drink festival. there was lots of food! lots of stalls selling different foods. we ate and drank a lot ha! and guess what? our mom did something nice for us kids for once. she bought us a candy apple! she didnt realise she was doing it for us littles, but we were real happy to get that. we also had ice cream and coke. so we were real hyper ha. they were selling hot dogs, burgers, pizza slices, cup cakes, even things like chilli and salad and stuff. our aunt tried the chilli and burned her mouth. there was also a lot of other entertainment, like wine tasting, live music, a market, craft stalls, and a stage school putting on a show. i liked the show they put on. they were singing songs from fozen you know the movie. i like the song do you want to build a snowman from that movie and the kids sang it. before we came home we went to mcdonalds. we ate a quarter pounder with cheese and fries and it was really yummy. we were so tired when we got home because we hadnt slept good the night before so we fell into bed and slept all night last night. im glad i got to go to the festival though. it was a neat day.
alicia 9