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We saw Dr Barry today. The more we see of her, the more we feel attached to her. Its a wonderful feeling. She makes us feel so safe, so secure, its so nice that she takes such an interest in our care. today she had a student doctor in with her. At one point during the appointment she left the room to go see if Karen the social worker was available to talk to us, and while she was gone I took the opportunity to tell the student doctor how lucky he was to have her as his mentor. He readily agreed with me, saying how she explained everything to him and he was glad he was learning from her. Anyway back to our appointment. We discussed our meds situation. I told her how when I was in patient and I’d gone in off all meds, how the doctor who admitted me had put us back on 1500 mg of epilem, without tapering the dose up slowly. She was very annoyed that the doctor who admitted us did that. She asked if we’d been feeling very groggy for the first few days, and I said yes, and that we slept a lot. She said she’d try to ensure that that would never happen again. About our sleeping tablet, she asked me how I felt about going on it on an as per needed med instead of taking one every night. I agreed. Personally I dont like relying on sleeping tablets. She told me the tablet would be more effective if I only took it on an as per needed basis. We discussed the course I’ll be doing after xmas. She took some notes and said she was going to talk to Karen about trying to set me up with some transport. True to her word she did talk to her, because Karen rang me later on this afternoon, and she’s going to look into some options. Alicia also talked to Dr Barry. She actually had most of the time. She loves Dr Barry and soaked up all the attention. She of course asked Dr Barry again to adopt her, thats a running theme with her, she’ll ask Dr Barry and our therapist over and over if they can adopt her into their family. Of course she knows they cant, but she’s always hoping they’ll say yes or something. Dr Barry is very conscientious about Alicias need for love and security and is really nice about her asking and asking. It was a good appointment. We go back again next Monday.