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Well…I finally got my shit together and am gonna take my laptop in to be looked at and hopefully to be fixed as well. I mean, there is nothing really wrong with it, except a messed up sound driver. At least I think thats all it is. What happened was, I installed a programme, and it messed up the sound card. That will teach me to not install shit I know nothing about on my computer. Anyway I found a store that will look at it for free, see if they’re able to fix it and let me know how much it will cost before they actually attempt to do it. Whatever it costs I’m going to get them to fix it. I doubt it will be more than 50 euro. I’m hopeful it wont anyway. I mean in these recessionary times, it couldnt cost that much to fix a laptop could it? My mom says I should just get a new computer if it costs more than 100. But there is really nothing wrong with the computer so why do that. It doesnt make any sense.

On another note, the depressed feelings I was having have gone again. Its really night time that is the worst. But last night I slept really well. I did wake up after having a lot of weird dreams and when I woke up I was crying. I cant quite remember now what the dreams were about, only that they left me crying and upset. I hate that I cant remember what they were about. Just after I awoke, I did remember for like 10 minutes…guess I should have wrote it down. But I was too out of it then to do that. I’m glad I’m starting to sleep better now again. I was beginning to think I’d have to ask Dr Barry for a new sleep med. Now I think I wont ask her, I’ll just see how it goes with what I am on for another few weeks. I really dont like to mess with meds unless I absolutely have to. On another note, I’m really happy that I am on less meds now. I am completely off the diazepam, and phenorgon too. I now only take 3 psychiatric medications. I do take seizure meds and diabetes meds and asthma meds, but its nice to be off some of my meds completely. Thats progress.
Carol anne