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hi my name is cammy. im 10 years old.

i wanted to talk a little bit about my feelings about being on a secure ward. we were on a locked secure ward twice. i hated it. its very restrictive. and you have no privacy. and they take your stuff away.

we were hardly allowed a phone, and never a phone charger. we had to fight to use our laptop, and then when we did get to use it it was only in the day room for a couple hours. i understand it was cuz they had to make sure we were safe, and other patients would be safe. but we was so isolated. other patients were able to read, and stuff. we werent cuz we cant see. we need our phone to read, or our computer.

one of the worst things though was the other patients. they were scary. and i didnt like most of them. there was this one girl and she refused her medication so they shot her in the butt to get it into her. it was so frightening. we were all taken out of the bedroom when she had to get her meds, but you could hear the screams from the day room, the bedroom wasnt far from it. lots of people had to hold her down when she was getting her meds. also there was an elderly lady and she had dementia. she scared us too, because one day she tried to climb into our bed while we were sleeping.

the nurses they didnt really get it or understand our did. so they were mean to us kids. especially taylor. whose only six. they left us crying a lot and didnt comfort us. i just thought they were mean mostly and i wished we could see eileen or dr barry. we did talk to eileen on the phone a few times while we were there. but we couldnt see dr barry. she didnt work there. we had a male doctor while we were in there. luckily we were only there for a week each time. im glad of that.