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We are sooo lucky. We have such a wonderful, awesome therapist. Tonight she said something that really touched our hearts. We were talking about how we find it incredibly hard to deal with the fact that she has a life outside of her being a therapist, how we find it hard to come to terms with the fact that when our session ends, she will be going into her house to her family, and we wont see her again until next week. So we were discussing this, and being brutally honest with her about our feelings on the matter. All of a sudden she said with a genuine warmth and sincerity and softness in her voice, “And I think about you during the week a lot”. “Its not just that you come here on Thursday nights and go again and I dont think of you during the week in between, I often wonder how you are, and what your doing.” It stunned us. I guess we were expecting that she wouldnt really think of us…that we wouldnt enter her thoughts. It was truly lovely to know that she thinks of us in that way. As we so often think of her, wondering what she’s up to and where she is etc.
What an incredible person she truly is and such a tremendous support to us.
Carol anne