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hi its alicia
im awake real early. its not even six AM. and i am up.

i’ve been thinking. all i want is a forever real family to love me. to take care of me. and i dont have that.

i still wish our therapist or dr barry would adopt me. they have cool families. and dr barry is so nice to her kids. she really loves them you can tell because i heard her talking to one of them on the phone. and our therapist loves her children too, because when her son was in the hospital she stayed by his side.

our mom hates me. im not even real to her. im just an angry mood. im not even a person to her. it makes me so sad. it makes me so angry. i really try not to be angry. but i feel rejected and unloved and unwanted. i feel like i am not really part of our bio family.

so if eileen or dr barry adopted me…that would be great. before anyone gets mad at me for wanting that, i know it cant happen. i just wish it could. and wishing is ok right? i mean i can hope. eileen and dr Barry both get it. they’re both really nice to me about me wanting them to adopt me. dr barry says i just want to be cared for and loved. she’s right, i do.