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So I decided I’d write some updates, updates from some of the professionals in our life. So…first our OT called yesterday. He’s trying to sort out our transport issue, so that we can start school, and the computer course we applied to do after xmas. The transport thing is putting an obstacle in our way, if we have no transport then we cant do it, its very far from where we live and there is no bus route. So far he hasnt really come up with anything except the posibility of asking the school to fund our taxi’s. He asked me if I wanted to wait until we have the meeting with the school psychologist, about supports, and putting supports in place for us. He said we could informally ask her then and perhaps she could answer our question. So I said yes, I’d wait a few weeks until we have the meeting. I’m sure they probably wont fund the taxi costs, but who knows, I may be lucky and they will. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Then Karen, who is Dr Barrys social worker rang. She finished getting the quotes for us to have CCTV installed in our home. Now its back to the organisation whose funding that, to tell them so they can send a cheque and then the installation can happen. Karen was just phoning me with an update. I need to talk to our psychiatrist Dr Barry on monday, about possibly having someone stay in our home by night. Our PTSD is really severe, and the night time is the worst trigger wise. We struggle so much at night. Having someone there would be comforting and might prevent us from going from a bad ptst attack, to where its so bad that the hospital is our only option. I think if we had someone to talk to, or distract us a little, we could possible get out of our head space and stuff. Again I am not sure if that can or will happen, it will all depend on funding and whether there is that kind of money available or something. I do think something needs to happen though and our therapist agrees with me. We’ve had a lot of contact from abusers recently and that is not good or healthy. It needs to stop for good now. Those are my updates I guess. I am planning on having a good weekend this weekend. Our sister invited me to go to her house tonight with our mom and aunts and cousins for some social drinks. So I’ve bought me some wine, and our sister is making strawberry daquoiries and we’ll have a blast. I’m looking forward to it.
Carol anne