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We will see Dr Barry later this morning. There is so much stuff we want to say to her. Have spent the time this morning while we were in the shower, trying to gather our thoughts, put things in some sort of order, so that we don’t forget anything. She’ll probably have a psych student in the room with her so we’re trying to prepare for that also. She always gives us the option of saying no to the students, but I feel it is important to allow them in, especially since so many people in the mental health profession are ignorant about did and ptsd moreso did though. Perhaps if we allow them in to our appointments then more of the upcoming doctors will learn and want to try to get it. Dr Barry is certainly a good teacher, explaining everything to the students. Liz wants to talk to her, I mustn’t forget that, but I doubt Liz will allow me to. Also, Lexi has been pretty scared since the police rang last night, she has a very real fear of police since we’ve had a few bad experiences with them in the not so distant past. So I told Lexi that she could talk with Dr Barry today if she felt like it, and that made her feel happier. The kids just adore Dr Barry. She’s so nice to them too. It warms my heart and makes me feel good to know that she really is in tune with the littles. She just knows how to appropriately act towards them which is nice. I don’t have to leave for another few hours, since our appointment isn’t until 11 30. I might write some things down so that they are more clear in my mind. I’m also considering phoning Mark, our OT this morning. He said I could call him if I changed my mind about the plan we made last week, that we were going to wait to talk to the school psychologist about the transport issue. I’ve changed my mind. I’d prefer if he rang the manager of the school and just directly asked about it. Then I’ll know for sure.
carol anne