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Well its all about to kick off. The police have been in touch with me again. I missed the police womans call though but she left a message on my mobile phone for me to call her back. This is about reporting the recent harrassment from our abusers. I’m sooo nervous. I’m trying to decide if I should call her back tomorrow or wait a few days. She said in the message she wants to talk to me about a few things. She probably knows that when we were recently hospitalised things were reported again. It was a different woman who came to see us then though. This woman now is the original one who originally took our statement back last April. I guess its good that she’s the one who’ll be taking the statement because we kinda know her. If you can, please send me good thoughts. I’m absolutely terrified even though this is what we want to do, is to have the harrassment stop and to report it.
Carol anne