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So as I was saying yesterday, it was our day to see our psychiatrist Dr Barry. The apt went really well. Dr Barry was very sick though. She had a really bad sore throat, and a cough and she was miserable. She was meant to have a student with her, but she told us she sent them home, just in case they caught the bug she had. I thought she was only joking when she first said it but apparently not. So as well as the police phoning me, they had also phoned her. Apparently, they want a report on our mental health diagnosis, and on whether we have capacity to pursue an investigation. Dr barry refused to give them anything, unless they got our concent, and explained to us why they wanted it. Then she said even after they’ve done that, they will have to put it to her in writing. I’m glad she isnt just giving it to them. It feels good that she wants us to be part of it and that she doesnt just think that because of our diagnosis we cant concent to things. So when the police rang me on Sunday night, that is probably what they wanted, was to call to get my concent and explain to me what was going on. The police thing is mostly what I talked to Dr Barry about. I gave her a piece of writing which I’d written and she read it. She said it sounded like we were getting a lot of anger out at our abusers. I agreed. Liz also spoke to her and she was praising Liz for all the progress she’s been making in therapy. She was able to see how much hard work we’ve put in this past year which felt really good to us. She asked us to come back next Monday to see her again. Its becoming a regular thing now, seeing Dr Barry on Mondays, and seeing Eileen on thursdays. Although our therapy day could be changing soon.
Carol anne