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So we’re considering changing our therapy day from Thursday evenings to some other day. Eileen lectures on a psychotherapy course, so the Thursdays arent really suiting her. For now I’m fairly flexible, and, since I wont be starting the new computer course now until late next year, its doable for me. We initially talked about switching to afternoons for a time. Now thats more than possible. Although it is going to be so weird to do therapy in the afternoons, I have not done therapy in mornings or afternoons in years, not since we had our old therapist J. I am ready for a little change, even though I’m a little apprehensive about it. I’ll be less tired in the afternoons. I’ll be able to think more clearly. A lot of times by early evening I’m starting to feel drained, at least I wont if we do 3 or 4 PM slot or something. Its new beginnings for us. Heres to hoping it goes really well but I think it will!
carol anne