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So again I am in trouble. I am not taking meds as prescribed. I’ve missed some here and there. Its so hard to remember to take them. I think if I didnt dissociate so much, I may remember more. Dissociation makes it difficult though. I’ve tried Eileens suggestion of setting an alarm on my phone. That works sometimes. But not always. I have nobody who will dispense meds to me. My mom refuses to do it. She said its too much responsibility. We dont have a thing here where you can have a mh professional dispense meds, unless your incapable of doing it for some reason, then I think the hospital will do it. But realistically, I cant go to the hospital a couple times a day to get my meds. So yeah. Will have to work on ideas with Eileen and Dr barry for what to do so that I take them regularly. I know its hard to remember but somehow I’m going to have to try.
carol anne