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Well…things are ok here we guess. I went down to the basement club yesterday for the morning. That was good fun. While I was there I decided to make an appointment with my mentor C. So that will be next Wednesday at 11 30 in the morning. I havent seen C in a while so it will be good to catch up. I mean I do see her when I’m at the basement club, but not for mentoring, just as a staff member. So like I said its going to be good to catch up and start with the mentoring again. I’ve decided to start doing more exercise and trying to eat a little bit more healthily. The exercise is a biggie though. There are a group of basement club members who go to the gym once a week for gym and swim, so I’ve decided to join them. Then I think I’m going to ask our P.A Joy if she’ll go to the gym with me once a week too. And one of our friends from the basement club whose really into exercise offered to do spinning classes with us if I wanted to. I do want to, its just a case of getting organised enough to do them. If I could just get a little more fit I might just shift some of my weight and then I’d be ecstatic. I’m carrying way too much weight for my height. Its not good. So plans for eating healthier are to eat a breakfast every day, and a healthy lunch, and only allow myself a treat once a week, at the weekend. Whether I can do this or not I dont know but my aim is to try anyway. The police called me again yesterday but I missed the call, so that means another phone call for me to make on Monday. I might wait until I see Dr barry, just to see if they called her again or not. Also we have some relatives coming from england this weekend, for a week. Its our dads sister and her husband. They’ll be staying with our parents. It will be nice to see them as we’ve not seen them in 8 years. They’re both in their 70’s now. Well thats about it from here. Will catch up on all of your blogs in a little bit.
Carol anne