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Saw Dr Barry this morning. got a bit of a shock as I wasnt waiting too long before I was called in. Thats pretty unusual as normally there are tons of people and even though your given a time, your usually never seen at the allotted time. Today was different though.

Dr Barry was better from her sore throat and cough. She had a student doctor with her again today. At least she asks me if its ok, I dont normally like students but once I am asked I tend to allow them in to the appointment.

We were with her for 45 minutes. Alicia got to talk to her about her recent anger fit where she trashed the bedroom due to being angry at Eileen. Dr Barry pretty much said what Eileen said about it, encouraging her to pause her anger before it reaches rage.

We also discussed the police coming tomorrow. Dr Barry told me to be sure I knew what I am consenting to. To ask lots of questions so that I am informed about what it is the police want in the report they are requesting.

She didnt increase or decrease any of my meds. I told her I am going to use an ap to remind me to take my meds. She seemed to think that was going to be a worthwhile thing to do. I will try anyway, see how it goes. I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing it.

She told me in two weeks she has a week off. She offered me an appointment then with a locum consultant, but its the one I saw when i was admitted the last time, on the weekend, the one who dismissed our did diagnosis. I told her no, I dont want to see him, that I dont like his attitude. So she said thats ok, that I can see the junior doctor who I like. Thats a relief. Before then though I’m going to see Dr Barry again as I am going to see her next week.

Carol anne